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Floor Pads

Based on analyzes of International retailers with a focus on floor cleaning and maintenance, HTC have used over 20 years’ experience in flooring and diamond technology to develop a unique floor cleaning pad - Twister Retail.

Twister Retail contains a unique diamond mixture developed especially for high traffic floor areas within retail and other similar operations, where high cleanliness combined with gloss and appearance are in focus. Twister Retail pads keep floors clean and shiny over all seasons and offer your customers a consistently high floor quality every day.

By using Twister Retail you reduce your overall costs for floor care as the need for periodic maintenance to keep the floors nice and clean is reduced. Twister Retail also contributes to increased surface and product availability for your customers.

To find out more about our range of floor pads, call today on 03 9544 9911 or email us.