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CCS Professional Chemicals

CCS Chemicals are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of all professional cleaning companies, from large to small.

CCS Chemicals has designed and developed a comprehensive range of Professional Grade Chemicals, in co-operation with many of its clients over the past 24 years, to ensure we have the right product available and able to meet your companies needs from the general day to day requirements through to a wide variety of specialist applications. 

Our established Professional Grade Chemical range is both colour and numerically coded to reduce the complexity of identifying the correct product for the right purpose; removing any confusion and/or language barriers, and reducing preparation time for your staff.

Call us today on 03 9544 9911 to find out more about our comprehensive range of cleaning chemicals and how we can help you get better results.

The following chemicals part of our extensive range. 

GREEN (1) Range of Multi-purpose Cleaners

  • DUO Heavy duty multi-purpose detergent
  • GLEAM Neutral dishwashing detergent
  • HURRICANE Ammoniated detergent
  • STORM Neutral detergent concentrated cleaner
  • ZERO Neutral Low foaming detergent

More info on the GREEN range of multi-purpose cleaners>>

DUO Heavy Duty Detergent

PINK (2) Premium Grade Disinfectants

  • BIOCHEM Multi fragrant disinfectant cleaner
  • FOURFOLD Detergent / disinfectant - heavy duty sanitiser

More info on the PINK range of disinfectants >>

BIOCHEM Multi fragrant Disinfectant Cleaner

DARK BLUE (3) Toilet & Bathroom Cleaners

  • BLAZE Total bathroom detergent
  • FLUSH Bathroom cleaner / Acidic detergent

More info on the DARK BLUE range of bathroom cleaners >>

BLAZE  Total Bathroom Detergent

WHITE (4) Spray & Wipe Cleaner

  • POWERSOLV Spray & Wipe

More info on the WHITE range of spray & wipe cleaners >>

POWERSOLV Spray & Wipe

YELLOW (5) Reodorant Cleaners

  • REFRESH Air-freshener
  • IMAGEN Concentrated air-freshener

More info on the YELLOW range of reodorant cleaners >>

REFRESH Reodorant Detergent Cleaner

LIGHT BLUE (6) Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner

  • STRATA Window & Glass non-streak cleaner
  • STRATA Extra Concentrated window & glass cleaner

More info on the LIGHT BLUE range of glass and window cleaners >>

 DUO Heavy Duty Detergent

ORANGE (7) Degreasers

  • FORCE Degreaser cleaner - caustic based solvent
  • DEGREEZ Solvent degreaser - caustic free cleaner
  • GORILLA oven & grill cleaner - extra heavy degreaser
  • GLINT Foaming degreaser - kitchen prop range

More info on the ORANGE range of degreasers / cleaners >>


RED (8) Chlorinated Detergents

  • SHOWERBRITE Cleaner sanitiser - chlorinated foam detergent
  • STERIZOL Liquid Bleach - cleaner sanitizer
  • CHLOROFOAM Foaming chlorinated cleaner - kitchen pro range

More info on the RED range of chlorinated detergents / cleaners >>

STERIZOL  Liquid Bleach