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Chlorinated Detergents

The CCS Chemicals RED (code number 8) range of Chlorinated Detergents are specifically formulated to achieve maximum results with the minimum of effort.  They include:


Cleaner Sanitiser- Chlorinated Foam Detergent

SHOWERBRITE is an extremely concentrated tri-active foaming cleaner / sanitiser with unequaled detergency, caustic & bleaching power.



Liquid Bleach - Cleaner Sanitiser

STERIZOL is a chlorine based whitening and antibacterial agent with proven cleaning, whitening and germ destroying properties.

STERIZOL  Liquid Bleach


Foaming Chlorinated Cleaner - Kitchen Pro Range

CHLOROFOAM is a highly concentrated foaming detergent / sanitiser with a caustic and bleaching action, designed to cut and lift fat, grease, carbon deposits, food spills, mould, fungi, dirt and soap scum from walls, floors and food preparation equipment in butcher shops, bakeries, delicatessens, restaurants, washrooms, produce departments, institutional kitchens and food processing plants.

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