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CCS Specialist Chemicals

CCS Chemicals are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of all professional cleaning companies, from large to small.

In conjunction with many of its clients over the past 24 years,CCS Chemicals has designed and developed a comprehensive range of Professional Grade Chemicals for use in specific specialised areas, or to meet specific cleaning needs. This ensures we have the best product available  to meet our customers needs from the general day to day requirements through to a wide variety of specialist applications. 

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The following chemicals part of our extensive specialist range. 

PURPLE Hygiene /Soap

  • ICE Liquid hand soap - body gel
  • SILK Liquid hand soap - hand cleaner
  • GRIME BUSTER - High performance heavy duty hand cleaner
  • PEARL - Liquid hand soap - pink pearl

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ICE  Liquid Hand Soap


  • NITRO Heavy duty stripper - floor care
  • THUNDER Non-ammoniated stripper - floor care
  • REVIVE Gloss Rejuvenator / floor polish repairer
  • REBUFF Spray buff solution - floor care
  • RAGE Heavy duty tile & floor cleaner - specialty range

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THUNDER Commercial Floor Stripper


  • BRIGHTEN Bleach Soaker for whites & colours
  • EUCY Eucalyptus laundry powder
  • LEMONEX Lemon laundry powder
  • EUCY WOOL WASH Concentrated eucalyptus wool wash
  • LAUNDEX Liquid laundry detergent
  • SO SOFT Fabric softener & conditioner

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  • SANITISER Food industry sanitiser - no rinse aqis approved
  • SANSOAK Pre-soaker & sanitiser
  • ULTRA Automatic dishwashing powder
  • AUTO DISHWASH Automatic dishwashing liquid
  • RINSE AID Automatic dishwashing machine rinse aid
  • AUTO GLASSWASH Automatic glass washing liquid

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 RINSE AID industrial strength cleaner


  • DEFOAM Anti-foam defoaming agent
  • EUCY OIL Eucalyptus oil
  • GRAFF OFF Graffiti remover
  • VINYL COVER Rubber & Vinyl Protectant
  • STAINLESS STEEL OIL Stainless steel cleaner & conditioner
  • STEEL SHEEN Stainless steel cleaner
  • METHO Methylated spirits
  • MIRROR Furniture polish
  • SPRINT Scouring powder
  • CERAMIC Ceramic tile cleaner
  • LOOCHEM Portable toilet sanitising & odour control
  • DESCALER Rust & scale remover
  • TRUCK Car & truck wash

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VINYL COVER Rubber & Vinyl Protectant