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Enhanced Concentrate System

What is the Enhanced Concentrate (EC) System

Enhanced Concentrate Cleaning Chemical SystemYour company takes pride in its ability to provide the right combination of technology and professional experience to your customers. At CCS Cleaning Solutions we understand that the equipment and chemicals you use in your cleaning program can often mean the difference between success and failure.

Our extensive research and development program has culminated in the creation of an innovative range of Enhanced Chemical Concentrates that are delivered using a series of modular dispensing (proportioning) systems developed specifically for CCS Chemicals.

This system will optimise:

  • Cleaning power
  • Accuracy & reliability
  • Safety (OH&S)
  • Time management 
  • Cost savings

Key Benefits of the Enhanced Concentrate System (ECS)

Exceptional chemical performance - consistently correct dilution ensures the ECS performs to its optimum level with ENHANCED cleaning results

Product savings - accurate and reliable delivery of ready-to-use cleaning solutions will reduce chemical wastage by as much as 20%- 30% when compared with the “Free Pour” method of dispensing

Labour Savings - significantly reduce employee time preparing and measuring solutions that can end up too weak, and  reduce re-work to restore areas damaged by solutions that were too strong

Improved employee safety - exposure to potential eye and skin irritants is reduced by eliminating splashing and spilling when chemicals are poured. Also the potential for back strain is reduced by limiting lifting of large chemical containers

Space saving - 5 litres of Enhanced Concentrate can replace up to 8 x 25 litre of standard chemical

Simplicity - the ECS minimises user confusion and training costs

Reduction in product loss - the lockable storage system aids in the prevention of pilferage

Environmentally friendly - accurate dilution prevents excess chemical discharge into the waste water system, and concentrating chemicals enables a significant reduction in packaging entering the solid waste stream

CCS Chemicals enhanced cleaning concentrate dispensing system What the Enhanced Concentrate System includes:

  • Colour coded screen printed spray and squeeze bottles
  • Colour coded triggers for spray bottles
  • Colour coded chemical
  • Number and colour coding combination (aids the colour impaired)
  • Customised laminated colour coding and operational wall charts with your logo
  • Laminated Material Safety Data Sheets and a CD-Rom for head office use
  • A training program covering the safe use of chemicals complete with a certificate of understanding for all who attend
  • Lockable storage system
  • The Enhanced Concentrate dispenser system (supplied and fitted by CCS free of charge)
  • Regular maintenance and repairs of the dispenser are provided at no cost to you (except for misuse or abuse) 

Full Training Program

CCS Chemicals Enhanced Concentrate System Training ProgramOur training program is conducted after installation of the dispensing systems and if fully customised to both your staff needs and the location of the system.  The training program includes the following modules:

  • Product safety which includes the use, storage and handling of chemicals
  • Wall charts - colour coded, operational and safety
  • Product identification
  • Operational training
  • Product application
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Chemical storage systems

To find out more about our Enhanced Concentrate System and how it can improve your service and profitability, call us today on 03 9544 9911 or email us