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The Environment

CCS Cleaning Solutions is committed to making the world a cleaner, safer place. Sustainability through formulation, delivery and product design enable us, you and by association your customers, to carry out our endeavors in an environmentally sound manner. 

Every chemical, machine, cleaning apparatus or new application is checked by CCS Cleaning Solutions Environmental Safety Laboratory to ensure it poses no risk to humans.

Our Ecotoxicology section ensures new products or procedures will not harm the environment.

The CCS Cleaning Solutions Environment Centre allows us to understand the effect of chemicals using model aquatic ecosystems.

Our new environmental range coming soon...

To further enhance our commitment to the environment we are pleased to announce that our comprehensive Chemical lines will soon be augmented with a rapidly biodegradable range of eco-friendly products - appropriately branded ‘Extreme Green’.

Our new environmental friendly range of Bio Productions products contain various harmless strains of specially selected micro-organisms (bacterial) which produce naturally occurring enzymes that breakdown nasty compounds which make up organic stains, soiling and associated odours.

The flag ship of these bio-products is the specially formulated ‘Blu-Away’ biological washroom cleaner and ‘Blu-Blox’ biological urinal blocks. This combination will eradicate odours and staining from urine and other organic matter, whilst destroying uric acid, urea and lime-scale deposits in urinals, toilet bowls and on all washroom surfaces. This total biological solution will also keep drains and plumbing free from blockage (eliminating the organic stench from urinal pipes and drains).

To find out more about the CCS enviromental chemical range, call today on 03 9544 9911 or email us.