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Enhanced Concentrate Chemicals

CCS Enhanced Concentrate Chemicals have been specially formulated for use in our Enhanced Concentrate System - delivering superior performance & savings for day to day cleaning needs in any environment.

The following cleaning products are available for use in the Enhanced Concentrate System:

Floor Detergents

GREEN (1) product, label & spray bottle

DUO enhanced concentrate neutral detergent multipurpose cleaner

DUO Multipurpose - Neutral Detergent - Multi-purpose Cleaner

DUO EC is a Heavy Duty Detergent (Multipurpose Cleaner), combining powerful detergency with an unsurpassed deodorising action. 

ZERO enhance concentrate neutral detergent low foaming cleaner

ZERO EC - Neutral Detergent - Low foaming Cleaner

ZERO EC combines the latest low foam, high impact, film free technologies available to produce a next generation neutral pH detergent for use in automatic scrubbing machines, pressure washers or mop and bucket.


PINK (2) product, label & spray bottle

BIOCHEM disinfectant cleaner detergent reodorant

BIOCHEM EC disinfectant cleaner - detergent & reodorant

BIOCHEM EC is a premium commercial grade disinfectants providing a 3-way action via outstanding detergency, proven bacteria & germ destroying capabilities. Available in Fruit & Lemon fragrance.

Bathroom Cleaner

BLUE (3) product, label & spray bottle

FLUSH bathroom cleaner acidic detergent

FLUSH EC Bathroom Cleaner Acidic Detergent

FLUSH EC is a tough no compromise concentrated acidic detergent for cleaning toilets, urinals bathrooms and showers.

Spray & Wipe

WHITE (4) product, label & spray bottle

POWERSOLV Spray & Wipe Degreaser Cleaner

POWERSOLV Spray & Wipe Degreaser Cleaner

POWERSOLV EC is one of our most versatile multi-purpose cleaning products, with its exclusive combination of cutting edge solvents & alkali’s.

Reodorant Products

YELLOW (5) product, label & spray bottle

Refresh EC airfreshener

Refresh airfreshener

REFRESH EC is an innovative range of safe neutral cleaners and air-fresheners with enduring perfumes and unparallel detergency. Available in Lemon, Fruit, Berry and Peach fragrance.

Window Cleaner

LIGHT BLUE (6) product, label & spray bottle

Strata window, mirror and glass cleaner

STRATA Window, Mirror & Glass Cleaner

STRATA EC is a market leader providing new generation technology to enable fast drying streak free spray on, wipe off hard surface cleaning.

Hard Floor Care

TEAL product, label & spray bottle

ENHANCE gloss rejuvenator floor care

REVIVE Gloss Rejuvenator

REVIVE EC balances detergency with resilient polymers to provide an unbeatable floor wash & wax.

To find out more about our Enhanced Concentrate Chemicals, call today on 03 9544 9911 or email us.